Benefits of CBD Oil for Pain

One of the many reasons why Cannabidiol is becoming ever so popular nowadays is its ability to heel pain. It is a sought for alternative pain medication mainly because of its potency and less to zero side effects. 

Cannabidiol from hemp is legal and has a myriad of medicinal benefits.

And while it is closely linked to Cannabis or Marijuana since they are closely related, Cannabidiol will never produce a feeling of being “high.” It is also a legal plant product to procure.

Why Cannabidiol for pain?

Here is why more and more pain patients think Cannabidiol is the best pain reliever:

1. Cannabidiol is highly effective. Cannabidiol can heal almost any type of pain. Chronic pain, Acute Pain, Sports Injuries, Ordinary body aches and muscle pains, pain related to neurological and terminal illnesses, and pain associated with fever and flu. It is a highly potent analgesic that can reduce fever, lower inflammation, and minimize pain perception.     

2. CBD Oil Provides rapid relief for the pain. Nothing beats a quick-acting painkiller like Cannabidiol. Pain relief can be felt in as little as five minutes, depending on the form of Cannabidiol used. Inhalation through a vaping pen is the most rapid way to attain relief. Sublingual ingestion, on the other hand, can take effect within 10 minutes from consumption. The tablet or pill form can take effect in 20 minutes. The topical application meanwhile takes the longest time to deliver relief.  

3. Cannabidiol is non-addictive. One of the best things about Cannabidiol Oil is that it does not promote dependency at all. Unlike prescription pain medications, patients will not become dependent on CBD Oil. Unlike Cannabis, Cannabidiol does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol, the substance that makes Marijuana addictive.

4. CBD Oil has less to zero side effects. Accidental overdose on Cannabidiol will not be as harmful as an overdose on certain prescription medications and prohibited drugs. The most that could happen is diarrhea or stomach upset, nausea, and sleepiness. The said symptoms will wane after several hours and will not permanently harm the patient. For this reason, more and more individuals are inclined to use Cannabidiol as their alternative medication.

5. Cannabidiol does not produce a high. Cannabidiol does not contain THC, which causes the feeling of being “high” or “stoned” on Cannabis users. CBD Oil in no way alters a person’s consciousness. 

6. Cannabidiol is legal. Unlike Cannabis, which can only be legal when used for medication, Cannabidiol Oil is legal as long as it has been extracted from the Hemp Plant. US Authorities also put a .3% threshold of possible THC traces for Cannabidiol Oil to be considered legal.

7. Cannabidiol is never boring to consume. There are several ways of consuming CBD Oil. These include oral ingestion through pills and tablets, Sublingual ingestion, Inhalation, Ingestion through CBD-infused edibles, and topical application. And while tolerance can never be developed from using Cannabidiol, the patient may sometimes grow tired of his method of consumption. When this happens, he can always switch to another mode of ingestion.

8. Cannabidiol has other medicinal benefits and wellness effects on the body. Apart from curing specific ailments, Cannabidiol can also be an excellent wellness supplement. Studies show that it can help fight Cardiovascular diseases by lowering blood pressure. The essential fatty acids that Cannabidiol contains contributes to improved heart health and stroke prevention.

How Cannabidiol Heals the Pain

Cannabidiol interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. These receptors produce an anti-inflammatory effect in the human body system, helping reduce pain. At the same time, these receptors also regulate pain tolerance levels.

Apart from Chronic and Acute Pain, Cannabidiol can also help with other types of severe pain issues. These body pains include Neuropathic Pain, Cancer-Related Pain, and even Fibromyalgia. 

Recently, CBD Oil is also being used to relieve migraine symptoms. It’s analgesic, and pain-relieving powers apparently can help alleviate severe headaches.

Ideal Cannabidiol Consumption Methods to Relieve for Pain

Cannabidiol can be consumed in various ways, and some methods are excellent for relieving pain. Any person experiencing painful sensation in their body will always seek for rapid relief. For Cannabidiol oil users, this will mean inhalation or sublingual ingestion. Here is a more detailed description of consumption methods that are ideal for pain relief.  

1. Oral Ingestion – This is one of the most common consumption methods for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol Oil is capsulized or produced in pill form and is swallowed to help relieve pain. While this can be a convenient method of consumption, it takes time for the body to absorb CBD Oil components. Like pharmaceutical drugs, CBD Tablets will take at least 15 minutes to be effective.

2. Sublingual ingestion. Dropping CBD Concentrate under the tongue before swallowing the tincture can provide rapid pain relief. Since the nerves found under the tongue are so sensitive, the components found in CBD Oil can be rapidly absorbed, and take effect immediately.

3. Inhalation through the vaping pen. Another consumption method that provides rapid relief is CBD Oil inhalation. Cannabidiol can be vaporized by using a vaping pen and a vaping liquid concentrate. By inhaling CBD Oil, cannabinoids enter the blood st6ream in as fast as five minutes, making relief even more rapid.

4. Edibles. Ingesting food infused with Cannabidiol oil can also be an effective way to ward off pain. There are various CBD edibles available in the market today. The only challenge is to find a food serving with the right dose, and genuinely potent CBD infusion. These edibles are usually in dessert forms like cookies and brownies, as a chewable or gummy candy, or a beverage or savory dish.  

Cannabidiol is, indeed, an excellent and safe way to relieve pain.