ZER0 means nothing, absence, but also origin and it is the opposite of infinity: Walter DANG assumed it a source of inspiration, explaining it not only in its meaning but also in its substance. Zero is basic as well as minimalism in everyday life. It means a fresh start, a second birth for creativity and path.

Eternal could stay between zero and infinite. Eternal is not a motto but an intuition of a new way of reading fashion.

Walter DANG loves challenges. He creates dresses mixing different cultures and interests with practicality. Zero wants to give women femininity and grace. It is dedicated to women of every age giving them the feeling of being mirrored in their ageless beauty.

Colors have been chosen for ZER0 Collection are black, grey, white and prune. All natural fabrics have been used to make it: wool and sateen for daytime and organza for soirée. Jewels are entirely made using plexiglass and leather.